Royal Seliger


Royal Seliger

     Chalet «Royal Seliger» is premium country chalet located in the most beautiful place in Russia - on the picturesque lake Seliger.
     Surrounded by fabulous pine forest and own coastline «Royal Seliger» leaves unforgettable impression of pure Russian nature, magnificent sunsets and sunrises, pictorial landscapes, fresh air and takes You to the world of another reality filled with silence, tranquility and peace.
     Chalet «Royal Seliger» is located in the Penovsky district, which in 1997 by the decision of UNESCO was awarded as the most ecologically clean area in Europe.
     «Royal Seliger» is the one and only closed premium segment chalet in the Seliger area, which unites the highest level of services and individual approach to organizing the pastime of our guests outside the city with full privacy, whether it is a family holiday, a friends meeting or a business meeting.
     We are glad to every our guest who wants to spend an unforgettable, emotionally charged holiday in the Chalet «Royal Seliger» and feel the beauty of pure nature and the strength of Russian spirit.
     Chalet «Royal Seliger» is an opportunity to visit another reality filled with tranquility, relaxation and appeasement!


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     For true connoisseurs of comfort and privacy, we offer a two-storey spacious mansion made of eco-materials, designed in hunting style.
     The mansion is aimed at guests who want to spend time away from the city noise and bustling metropolises, and enjoy fresh air, silence of the delightful pine forest, and admire romantic dawns and sunsets on the shore of the boundless blue Lake Seliger.
     The spacious and cozy mansion composed of:
• 3 comfortable bedrooms with stunning views from the window to the lake and forest, in particular - a panoramic view of the Shirkov churchyard unique wooRoyal church.
• Elegant bathroom room and dressing room in each bedroom
• Stunning living room with a flaming wood burning fireplace
• Cozy dining room, decorated in a unique style
• Multifunctional kitchen equipped with all necessary home appliances

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To the our gusts services:

Cheef• A personal chef is ready to satisfy the highest culinary delights of each of our guests and surprise incredibly delicious dishes of home Russian cuisine.
• 3 meals a day, taking into account the wishes and preferences of the guests.

Meal • We can organize a meeting from airport, temporary residence in Moscow, local tours and transfer to Royal Seliger.

concierge• Concierge service 24 hours a day, to the services of which the guest can apply with any request or wish.
• Separate house for accommodation of drivers, pilots, security guards of guests.
• Attentive to details and caring staff.

active•  Boats, snowmobiles, hydrocycles, ATVs, catamarans for walks and tours.

sani• Authentic Russian sleighs for fun and exciting walks through reserved Seliger region.

sani• Own farming, where geese, ducks, chickens, pigs, sheep, rabbits, goats are grown.
• There are own goat's milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs.

med• Own apiary, which gives natural honey.

• Babysitting services.

Entertainment in Royal SELIGER:

sauna• Authentic Russian bathhouse with a spacious and cozy lounge.

jap_sauna• Japanese ofuro.

• Massage procedures.

• Own horses for riding-lovers on the most beautiful meadows of the majestic Seliger.

Hunt• Winter and summer hunting for elks, brown bear, deer, wild boar, wolf, fox, hare, squirrel, raccoon, marten, beaver, and birds hunting: capercaillie, black grouses, ducks, geese, drakes, grouses , woodcocks with the all necessary equipment rent for both professional hunters and beginners.

fishing• Winter and summer fishing for bream, perch, pike, sander, eel, burbot, roach, carp, ide, carassius, common rudd, providing needed tackle for real fishing.

forest• Hiking in the forest for picking a variety of berries and mushrooms with the possibility of taking harvest home.


NSP• Tour to the historical shrine, unrepeatable in its beauty and spiritual strength, Stolobny Island.

IOAN• Trip to the ancient wooRoyal church of the Nativity of John the Baptist, which is within walking distance of Royal Seliger.

NSP• Journey to the genuine nature monument - the Source of the Volga, nearby a chapel was built and a reserve was created, which included protected forests.

NSP• Boat trip to «Silver Lake» beautiful spring lake with glowing, perfectly transparent water.

NSP• Visiting the Holy Okovetsky Spring, consecrated by the grace of the miraculous images that give healing. It is open all year round.

NSP• Excursion to Hachin Island, which is the biggest island on Lake Seliger, completely covered with forests. It is a concentration of peace and tranquility, which can only be reached by boat.

NSP• Tour to the White Float island. This is pure water, pristine forests, air saturated with the healthy ester of the juniper's phytoncide and the life-giving oxygen of the coniferous trees, it will dive into the beauty and purity of the universe.

NSP• Trips to the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Voznesensky and Troitsky Cathedrals, Pelagein Monastery of the Deserts, Assumption Monastery, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, Novotorgsky Borisoglebsky Monastery, Transfiguration Church, etc., which will inspire and fill with pure spirit and leave an unforgettable mark on the soul of each guest.

• Walking and cycling around the Seliger region.


Russia is a country of endless vastness and wild nature. There is saturated flora and fauna, beauty innumerable rivers and lakes, breathtaking mountains and plains. No wonder that many travelers, venturous hunters and fishers come to Russia from around the world. Only surrounded by wild nature person can enjoy the expectation of a wild beast in ambush, chasing it, revive hidden instincts and experience primordial solidarity with wild nature. We offer You to deep into the world of Russian hunting and get unforgettable experience.


Wild boar less than a year, before 1 October 16 000 rub
Wild boar less than a year, from 1 October to 28 February 17 000 rub
Wild boar from 1 to 3 years 21 000 rub
Wild boar from 3 to 5 years 23 000 rub
Wild boar with fangs from 16 cm 35 000 rub
Bear (front paw up to 14 cm) 65 000 rub
Bear (front paw more than 14 cm) 80 000 rub
Elk less than a year 36 000 rub
Elk from 1 to 6 years from 45 000 to 60 000 rub*
Elk more than 6 years (with hourns fron six sprouts) 65 000 rub
Hare (+ huntsman service 1 000 rub) 2 000 rub
Beaver (+ huntsman service 1 000 rub) 6 000 rub
Grouse (+ huntsman service 1 000 rub) 1 000 rub
Duck (+ huntsman service 1 000 rub) 1 000 rub
Sandpiper (+ huntsman service 1 000 rub) 1 000 rub
Woodcock (+ huntsman service 1 000 rub) 1 000 rub
Drake with decoy duck (+ huntsman service 1 000 rub) 1 000 rub
Capercaillie (+ huntsman service 1 000 rub) 9 600 rub
Black grouse (+ huntsman service 1 000 rub) 6 000 rub
*Depends on weight


The cost of accommodation in chalet Royal Seliger starts from 5000 rub a person per night for full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You can get more detailed information by phone in the contacts section or by filling out the application form.


Chalet "Royal SELIGER"

You can contact us through WhatsApp, Viber or just call
Swiss phone +41787204382
Russian phone: +79854419522

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